Warmup of blog in new Azure home

| May 12, 2013 | 1

I have now moved this blog to a new home in Windows Azure.

Pretty cool experience to see how seamless PHP/MYSQL based WordPress runs on Azure WebSites which is one of the PaaS features of Windows Azure.

One thing i have noticed working with Azure WebSites prior to this is the long initial load time after site has been idle for a while and the process is unloaded. This is easily solved by some keep-alive or warm-up task that periodically makes a HTTP GET to the site.

After reading a post by Sandrino Di Mattia i did this in Azure by using the Azure Mobile Services Job Scheduler which is currently in preview. This is probably not the intended usage of Mobile Services Job Scheduler but simple enough to be replaced with another solution if needed in the future.

The node.js script i use is shown here

Azure Mobile Services scheduled script
Azure Mobile Services scheduled script

The script is scheduled to run every 15 minutes which seems to do the trick both for ASP.NET and PHP based WebSites.



If the blog is not responsive – let me know 🙂